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I was wondering if I can set notifications for when a new document gets certain metadata (Class, Document Type). Say for example I add a new document and apply the Legal Document Class, then someone from Legal gets notified via email that a new document has been created.

I know you can send notifications using workflow, but the user needs to add the workflow every time a new document gets added, I'd like the notification to get triggered when the new document gets added and no other action is needed.


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  • Agree, we have done this too. 

    You can also set it for immediate notification or digest. 

    I did detect in your original post though that you said that the user has to add the workflow? Are you sure you can't update the workflow so the document is automatically enrolled? This was something that I just learned.

    When you have "No State" - Create an automatic trigger to the next state (0 days)

    We have also built a State called "Automatic Director" for each of our classes - so depending on different metadata, there are different branches the document can be directed into using the priorities

  • Thanks, Craig. This works really well.

  • You shouldn't need to have an automatic transition on that state, it will automatically go to the first state (excluding 'no state') once you add the document to the workflow. The class 'Legal Document Class' should be set so that it defaults to the relevgant workflow for all new objects of that Class and then users won't have to set it.

  • Ah, however, I have users that sometimes select the wrong Class, and thus, the wrong workflow. If you change the Class, then the workflow will change too. The default is it will go from Workflow1 State > to > Workflow2 No State 

    So if you want the workflow2 to correctly enroll the document, I have found the automatic state transition necessary for these situations