Managing State Transitions


I'm relatively new to M-Files Dev. I have a fairly simple approval workflow but there are two states at which the user can reject the workflow.

I tried to use the State Precondition to only allow the user to move to either the next State or to the Rejected State based upon a Boolean property. So:

  • If the user selected Yes then they can move it to the next state.
  • If they selected No they can only move it to the Rejected state.

Works fine using the basic properties until I get further down the workflow, and I have another "gate" State where it can either be a Yes to continue or a No to Reject. If I add the second Boolean property to the Precondition filter neither works, I think because it is now an "AND" statement? 

Hope that makes sense?

I'm looking for the best way to achieve this, also I'm not very good at doing VBScript. Seems a simple concept for a workflow so there must be a best practice method.

Thanks in advance