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M-Files Auto Logout

Hi All

I am using the M-Files version 22.8.11717.3 because I have a perpetual license installed. I have set a group policy for M-Files Auto Logout for all users after 15 minutes. Couple of users are facing issues where the log out pop up appears after every 5 seconds prompting them to log out. Once I reinstall M-Files, it works fine for a month and then again it happens. This is noticed for 4 users out of 70. Any suggestions?

Thank you

  • Hi, 

    Are the workstations using the same version? 

    The feature is moving to Advanced Vault Settings in the 23.3 release, and the work has been in development for quite a long time. 

    If the end users are using the latest M-Files Online version on workstations, this could cause the issue you are facing.