Is it possible to pin a document class that does NOT have a template


I know that I can pin any templates so I can create a new document of a specific class quickly and easy.

But I want to pin a document class that DOES NOT have an associated template. Is this possible?

At least from what I can see it does not appear possible - but maybe I am wrong.

Thank you.


  • You want to create a shortcut that starts the object-creation process, with a class pre-selected, but without a template?  I don't think that's directly possible.

    If you're happy with the option appearing somewhere other than the pinboard then I guess there's a couple of things to mention...

    • "Object Creator" - part of the Compliance Kit - may do some of it, but the purpose really is to create an object with a link to the one that's selected.  I don't think you can do it without a "source" object.
    • It could be done using the User Interface Extensibility Framework, but the command would not appear in the pinboard.
  • Hello Craig,

    You hit the nail on the head - that's exactly what I want! I just want to provide the option for regular users of this Request to have it somewhere quick and easy as opposed to the 'long' way of creating a new document. The document class does not have an associated template.

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  • Via our API we have a method which can show a "prefilled metadata card".  What this means at a practical level is that it can be provided with a set of properties (and files, optionally) which are already-selected.  It would be possible to create a UI application that either adds a button to the task area on the left, or a separate dashboard, which allows the user to start that process.

    However: that's not out of the box and it's rather fiddly work if you've not done it before.  I also am not sure what the "next steps" would be for the user here; are you expecting them to then add files, or this this a non-document object?

  • Thanks Craig, this was only for the convenience of users that I was making this query. I think the amounts of effort required would not justify it. Thank you for outlining the possibilities though.