Common display settings are not visible for users

Hello everyone,

I tried to look for the same issue and found one discussion from 6 years ago, but seems it was not resolved.

As an administrator, I am trying to make views more informative and convenient for the users. But the issue seems to be that the setting "Save as common display settings" and further tick on "Apply the changes for all users and override the users' display settings in this view" just do not work properly. When the user resets settings to COMMON defaults - there are only basic columns "Date modified" and "Size" which are visible...

I first thought that it might be the issue on desktop client's versions capability - nope. Then I tried to re-create the view (not "Copy" but create new view with same filters) - nope.

Can there be something what I am missing? Is this setting managed from M-Files Admin tool or is it default setting and it can misfunction? 

Any help is appreciated :) 

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