Please improve the "substitute users" functionality

Dear M-Files,

Can you please consider improving the substitute users functionality?

My suggestions:

  • Make it more prominent for users to actually see/access the functionality. Can the option not be listed immediately under the 'User Menu' options?
    • Or what about having an actual button on the homescreen between the 'User Menu' icon and the 'Object Creation' icon?
  • Users: disabled users show up as possible substitutes. Can you filter so that only enabled users are showing as possible substitute users?
  • What about an expiration of the substitute period? Or some kind of indicator on the users homescreen to show that the functionality is active?
    • Some of our users forget to remove the substitute users when no longer required. What about a icon on the homescreen that remains as long as substitute users is turned on? (e.g. like the yellow icon that shows when updates to M-Files are available)

Thank you.


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  • Yes, to me it doesn't make sense that the substitute user doesn't 'inherit' the permissions unless they have them through the default permissions already. That doesn't make sense to me, since if I am naming a substitute user, I am taking responsibility for granting access to the substitute user(s).

  • I agree, especially in status changes, permissions should be inherited. Currently I see no other workaround than "hardcoding" the Substitute User onto an object type "user account" and accessing the substitute user that way thus forcing the user to specify the substitute twice in different locations, which is rather unfortunate, especially because the rest of the m-files default substitute function works really well.