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Want to Buy - "M-Files Duplicate Finder" Tool

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Former Member
I am interested in a solution to help me identify potential duplicate documents in M-Files using a checksum comparison.  I would also like the option to select and delete individual duplicates.
The solution must have a clean user interface but it doesn't have to be elegant.  I am only interested in buying a tool that has been used and proven effective.  I am not interested in hiring someone to write new code.

If anyone has such a solution and is interested in selling it please contact me:

Thank you
  • Thank you for reaching out. Could you send this request to Our team will then escalate the request to the right team / country based on your location.

  • Did anything come of this? I would be keen to learn of a tool that could do this.
  • I believe that some users and partners have developed solutions that will save file check sums in document metadata and then use event handlers upon check-in to look for duplicates. While this solution technically works, it often has negative impact on performance of the vault.

    Our team is also working on a new intelligence service that would be able to recognize duplicates in the vault without affecting performance of the vault too much. Unfortunately, I cannot share ETA for the solution at this point yet though.