Road map for new Web Client

In the product description of the new web client are some topics explicitely marked as not available yet. Ok so far.

Some features we would need quite soon:

  • Meta data card configuration - especially hidden / required and other security relevant settings
  • Compliance kit Object copy - because we use this for a feature which many MacBook user should use

Afterwards I'm just waiting for a possibility to develop UIX which also works on new Web Client because I've cancelled my actions in this direction because most of Sales, managers, team leads and even software developers use MacBooks - then it would make no sense to develop something that a majority of users can't use. I thought of displaying help pages depending on the selected object(s) / document(s) / view(s) - and if available the working instruction for a specific workflow state. -> Target group are users which only sometimes use M-Files (yet) to make the usage easier for them to achieve a better standing for M-Files as one of a number of internal systems the users must know.

Logging in without DOMAIN\ before the user account would also be good like in Classic Web.

Summary: How is the roadmap for the next months?

  • Agree with the metadata configurations. Those are usually quite crucial.

  • I have been disappointed so far to see the new web client hasn't had many enhancements/improvements since the January release.  One would have thought this would be priority # 1 so maintenance paying customers can start adopting!  Having the old authentication methods available would speed up the process of our adoption but was surprised to hear on this thread that meta data card config isn't feature equivalent to the desktop client.  Would love to see a date specific roadmap!!  

  • Hi There!

    The last update I received from the product team responsible for updates to M-Files Web, full parity of  Metadata Card functionality in Web is planned and is currently being targeted for release by the end of the year (2021).  I am uncertain about the UIX capability support for Web at this time but till follow up with you on this.  Some of the features you describe sound similar to a subset of Metadata Card Config Features, specifically the Banner Descriptions and specific property Descriptions and Tooltips.  I know that other customers have implemented these to provide the proactive coaching and advice to their users regarding what may or may not be expected when objects are in certain stages of a workflow, as well as providing advice on what information might be expected within specific metadata fields. Circling back to your original question regarding feature parity, this may also be something pending support...

  • I understand that from beginning until the end of the year the configured permission behaviour - especially security critical read-only and mandatory field setting will ignored by the new web client a whole year.

    I have to raise a security alert and roll back to Classic Web until this security misbehavior will be fixed - or we have to heavy increase the level of permission settings in all customer projects which will also lasts at least 4-5 months. Thank you for this warning

    Also the licensed features of the Compliance kit won't be available until Q I or Q Ii 2022 in New Web Client because they use UIX - right? What about partner products like Process Maps?

  • We originally purchased M-Files in 2016 and the web client interface/functionality hasn't changed until 3 months ago.  I have seen and heard about this new web client for the last 3+ years and it's going to be yet another year before it's usable (other than just very basic tasks).  Why is this?  Where do our maintenance dollars go?  It seems like development resources are allocated to new priducts that have an additional cost to the customer and not to the products we use on a daily basis.

  • Hi John,

    I know this problem from both sides - my former "life" as producer of a software product where you have much more to pay attention to then "just developing" an individual software project where the customer specifies which features should be developed.

    Especially if you have a complex product with multiple connectors etc. then it's always difficult to split up the budget to the modules - especially if you product bundle like Profession or Enterprise version where you automatically pay for connectors like adobe sign even if you don't use it 

    Beside developing new functionality it's also important to keep the whole product up-to-date according to techology - as vnext is not used only for the new webclient but integrating by Add-In into Teams, Sharepint and nowadays possibly by URL to dynamics.

    You can also create own adapters by simply including an URL to  special page on Diamant-Software Intrexx or Confluence if you can include it into those tools.

    The security problem according to numeric values with decimal comma instead of point as usual in Germany was fixed from first e-mail of the user until fixing it inclusing iinstalling, informing the user, testting etc.

  • Short Description of my security problem - could this be solved earlier???

    • Property definition "TenantW (German: Mandant) is implemented as full rights for all users
    • Tenant should be selectable for incoming invoices 
    • After marking the invoice as captured by accounting employee the field tenant should be readonly because a number was generated for this tenant,
    • The reaonly property will be set within a sub-rule for the workflow states except empty or new.
    • Changing the tenant the numbering range used for tenant would have a gap which would be relevant according to GoBD + the assingment to the Diamandt software whould be difficult
    • No invoice will be deleted - only set to new state "nabled"

    As described the new web client does not support (forcing !!! - also difficult in desktop client to ensure this as a mandatory configuration) the metadata card configuration which means

    • The field would NOT be set readonly = "normal" users can change the values newerthelelless if the
    • This would cause a gap between invoice numbers because of moving on invoice to another tenant (should be marked with state deleted and copied to a new version)

    Fixing without wating M-Files version (securigty -fitting solution ad NOT:

    • BeforeCheckiInClassEvent for the relevant class for invoice for example:
    • if the current state is not empty and not captured then compare current ObjVerEx with ObjVerEx.PreviousVersion
    • if it differs then it was changed where it should not be changed -> throw exception
    • = DIRTY HACK: Usuability means that the user cannot change the property is forbitten already by lockig the infrocesouce

    Better solution: forbid changing already in Deskop clent

    Please: do also metadata card configuration for setting up fix values etc. - fields with special logic where the behavior of a whole document, object or workflow changes by ignoring

  • A side note about metadata card configurations and security for your future projects: you should never rely only on these configurations to enforce security rules since the configurations are only applied on the client side in the UI level and there are always ways to get around them. For instance, any operations done via the M-Files API would bypass these rules. There should always be server-side checks and validations to make sure the rules are enforced regardless of the situation, even if you have a UI level restriction for better usability.

    From the metadata card configuration guide: