Detail Listings - Reference Direction

There is a problem regarding reference adress which is always set to "to" even if I set it to "from" (In grouping level options) after I reopened the dialog the value changed to "to" again..

This means I can see Objects which the host Object refers to but no objects which refers to the host Object..

  • Hi again,

    is it unclear what I'm trying to achieve? Should I explain further or with screenshots?

    Maybe I don't exactly understand how these detail listings work and maybe this is intended behaviour but would be good to know as I think this is not documented..

    In short: How to show Objects which refer to the Main Object? Other direction works!

    Best Regards

  • Hi sweise

    I have a working setup with this function and have not had any problems with it.
    You need to have a property on the Main Object that lists the objects you want to show in your view, and then use that property in your grouping configuration.

    In my use case the main object is sort of a machine that has been build of a number of parts. There a lot of generic documents including type approvals, drawings, manuals (the same document is used on every machine of the same type), and a lot of specific documents like test and inspection certificates on each part. Obviously, the specific documents have a relation To the machine, but for the generic documents it is the other way around. Each new machine has a relation From the machine to the document. And those documents are listed in the property which I then use for grouping. So in the grouping configuration I specified the machine in Group by, and Property is the property with the list of documents with relations From the machine. Reference direction is From machine.

    Did that help you?

  • Okay, I tried again and it is the other way than I said! I want to break down what I want to do with your example:

    I want to show the generic documents when the machine is selected. So in the machine metadata there is a property documents which establishes the link.

    Seems not possible, after trying around..

  • That is exactly what I do. The grouping by machine creates a list of virtual folders - one for each machine. When you open that folder it has a list of the generic documents for that machine.

    I have then as a supplementary measure used CK, Managed Properties to automatically create a reverse link FROM the machine to the specific certificates and other documents that starts out with a relation TO the machine. This way we get all relevant documents listed in one virtual folder based on the machine. Within that virtual folder we then have the same documents grouped or sorted to 3 different needs one of which is suited for creation of a zip file to be delivered to the customer as a complete documentation package.