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I don't know why but when we navigate through M-Files, the menu on the left and on the right disappear and reappear.

Thats a problem because all the navigation is slow..

Here a video:

Did you know why ? It's because i enable the compliant application ?

Best regards

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  • Hello,

    I made some tests and I finally think that's a "normal" reaction.
    1. With the application enable : all get slower
    2. With the application disable : all get faster
    3. With the application enable but without any configurations : all get slower
    4. With another application (Theme editor) : all get slower
    I would like just to know if other peple have the same reaction ?

    Because i test with the compliance kit desactivate and all is working faster....

    Best regards

  • Before "fast browsing", navigation through the vault (e.g. going into a view) would cause large parts of the UI to be re-rendered.  In technical terms, the "ShellFrame instance and everything it held was decommissioned and a new one - for the new view - created in its place".  That meant the top bar, task pane, right-hand tabs, listing area, (etc.) were all re-created and re-rendered.

    This changed with fast browsing.  Provided all UIX applications in the vault are fast-browing-compatible, the ShellFrame is not recreated.  This means that the only section which changes is the central listing.  This can bring quite significant performance increases.

    The Theme Editor on the catalog ( states that it is fast browsing compatible: M-Files Theme Editor | M-Files Catalog.  What version are you testing with?

    The Compliance Kit does not currently say whether it is fast browsing compatible: M-Files Compliance Kit | M-Files Catalog.  I know that it is being actively worked on, but it may not yet be released.


    I just want to be clear about the logic in which fast browsing will be enabled.  Fast browsing is only enabled if all UIX applications in a vault are updated, which can only be done if your server (and all your clients) are running compatible versions.  If any UIX application - even just one - is not fast-browsing-compatible then fast browsing is disabled on the vault.

  • Thank a lot for your answer. 

    I will wait on a new version of the Compliance Kit :-).