German "Aktenplan" (file plan e.g. for file references) implementation with Real Object Type Hierarchies

Thank you for this documentation page:

Can be also used for document categories according to a typical German "Aktenplan" - like below for a HR record with numbered registers, top folder and optional sub folder - or more complex for generating the file references according to a file plan of our State Administration:  (see e.g. page 6)

Next step would be to open a "file" of an employee and show the structure as an expandable tree as a type of a list view where every entry shows if already enties exist or not. - I know - that is not the M-Files mindset but the mindset of all public administrations and organisations in Germany and many companies. This could be also handled in M-Files if a specific view would exist for it - as OpenText offers it I saw at a Fraunhofer Institute in Halle. --- I think a simple graphical component could close the gap between both worlds without changing M-Files completely.

Is this really typical German - or do also companies, organisations and administrations of other countries (still) work in this way?