Windows 11 compatibility in next monthly release?

Hi, some customers are receiving automatic Windows 11 Updates and are reporting incompatibilities or lacking right click contextual menu in MF-Client. Is this currently being addressed by DEV?

  • Hello,

    From what I know Windows 11 will launch on 5th October, so now the only option to install it is manually, and not an official release, and maybe via Windows Insider Program.

  • As a joke, do not rush to install Windows 11, because if Microsoft follows the tradition, this version of the operating system must be unstable:

    1985 - Windows 1.0 (Initial version - not exactly OS but rather an "operating environment" that extended MS-DOS)
    1987 - Windows version 2.0 (come with its inclusion as a "run-time version" with Microsoft's new graphical applications, Excel and Word for Windows)
    1990 - Windows 3.0 (better multitask older MS-DOS)
    1992 - Windows 3.1 (unstable)
    1992 - Windows 3.11(stable patched version)
    1995 - Windows 95 (unstable)
    1995 - Windows 95 B (stable)
    1998 - Windows 98 (unstable)
    1998 - Windows 98 SE (stable)
    2000 - Windows Me (unstable)
    2003 - Windows XP (stable)
    2007 - Windows Vista (unstable)
    2009 - Windows 7 (stable)
    2012 - Windows 8 (unstable)
    2015 - Windows 10 (stable)
    2021 - Windows 11 (may be unstable)

  • Our QA teams are already actively testing Windows 11 compatibility.  If your clients are having specific issues then can I request that you forward details to us via your Channel Account Manager, who can pass them across to someone in Product.

    Please try and include as much information as possible, including the M-Files version, Windows build, language, etc.

  • Windows 8 was not unstable, only hated by the majority of people, same with Windows Vista.. Windows 11 is working fine on my home PC and I would consider me as a power user.. But you already marked it as a joke so nevermind :)

  • I will also actively be testing Windows 11 compatability once released and widely available. Very eager to get started!

  • Serious question: what feature of Win11 makes you "very eager" (within EDM / M-File context) ?

  • Within that context, probably not a whole lot to be honest. In general just speed improvements. However, we are currently working a lot on Teams <-> M-Files integrations to make the experience a lot more seamless than it is today. From my understanding, Teams will become much tighter integrated into Windows 11 and also change a little from how we know it today, so it would be nice to get a headstart on that.

  • Interresting project - I guess you will post in due time (assuming it is meant to be a publically available).

  • There are already 2 videos of sneak peek available that I put on the developer Yammer (The version shown in the video is already relatively old compared to what we have in the works currently)

    Video 1:

    Video 2:

  • Yo!

    Just to return to this matter, yesterday I installed windows 11 on my primary work laptop, and so far so good.

    My only major gripe with windows 11 seems to be that the top ribbon in the file explorer seems to be perpetually open, which really sucks on smaller monitors. Furthermore, my snipping tool somehow does not work anymore? (Microsoft, pls fix)

    Of course, I cannot validate that it all just worksTm️, but I will report my findings should anything go south.