Word Document Template Error! Unknown document property name After 22.3 Update

We have a few machines that have made the update to 22.3 and only on those machines, documents created from a template are broken and all fields show "Error! Unknown document property name."  The fields are visible in the M-Files "Add Property" dialog, however do not populate on document creation.  One machine still back on 22.2 does not have this issue and works as expected.  It seems the update has broken the Word add-in?

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  • This would be helpful.  All but one of the issues I've come across with M-Files has been client side.  It would be nice to have n-2 so we can at least test or prove an update caused a problem.  We had an issue once where a client side update broke PDF printing directly into M-Files.  We didn't have the next previous version, only one that was several months old.  Unfortunately at that time we were not supplied a previous version to revert to.  Ever since I've kept my own repository.

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