Dropdown list for property displays only first 50 values

Hi all

i found several older cases for this question but no solution.
My "wish" for a solution is to adjust the limit for a particular multiselect-property via Metadatacard-Configuration.

>> Please contact our support for more info and reference to Tracker ID 61923.

Are there any news for that issue/feature?

Kind regards

  • As stated in the cited old threads, the limitation is due to performance. I think there is yet another reason for this - the User Experience. It seems quite awkward if you have to choose between dozens or hundreds of options from a drop-down menu. Instead of increasing the number of visible items in the drop-down menu, the amazing built-in search and filter functionality could be used

  • the good thing is that you can search in that drop-down and it would search not only in first 50 entries but inside all entries that are not shown there. So kind of good I would say as you do not need to show more than 50 entries.

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  • However, for me this is good, too.
    A customer requested this because of "mouse-only-users" ;)
    Joking aside, they want to scroll down a long account-plan where they want to see all accounts and however they not know what to search and just want to scroll down..