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How do I Change the Naming Convention of Multifiles?


Multifiles on our system force the first file added to them to adopt the same name, and I would like to change this behaviour.  

For example, let's say we have an empty multifile titled "Customer Questions".  I would like to add the file called "Question 1" to this multifile.  When I do this, the file "Question 1" is renamed to "Customer Questions"; the same name as the multifile itself.  Then, if I want to add another file "Question 2" to this multifile (which already contains 1 file), that next file will keep its name.  So I now have a multifile titled "Customer Questions", with two files: "Customer Questions" and "Question 2".

I do not believe that this is the default behaviour of multifiles, and I assume that this behaviour is controlled somewhere in M-Files Admin, though I'm at a loss as to where.  I do not want the multifiles to change the names of files that get added to them.

Where and how can I change this behaviour? 

Thank you

  • Are you talking about the file name or the Property 'Name or title'?

    Every documentadded to the MFD will have the same metadata which means that they will all have the same value for 'Name or title' and that cannot be changed without changing it for all.

    However every documentcan still have a seperate file name. You can change that file name after it's been added by right clicking on the document and selecting 'Rename'

    There is not currently a way to change this behavior that I know of.

  • Thanks for the suggestion.  To answer you first, I must be talking about the file name.  Trying your method to change the fiel name doesn't fix the problem.  I've attached pictures below to show more:

    Here is a multifile with the name "Test", and one file inside of it named "Test".

    Here I enter a new name for the file, and hit Enter:

    And the name reverts back to the multifile's name:

    Again, this only occurs for the first file.  See below how I have added the file "Any name is fine" to this same multifile and it keeps its name:

  • I'm not sure what's going on there, but in general the files should be able to have whatever name you want; they aren't tied to the MFD's name.  Here's an example of me renaming a file:

    I can envisage two options here:

    1. Some code within your system is causing the rename to fail.  Do you have anything installed that might cause this?  If you have a partner that helped install/configure the system it may be worth checking with them whether anything was installed that could cause this.
    2. There's some bug that is causing this.

    If you have a partner then I'd look to work with them.  If not then I would probably raise this as a support ticket (, as I don't believe that this is expected behaviour.



  • Hi Craig,

    That makes good sense to me.  I'll do another thorough check through our codes, and if that doesn't turn anything up, support it is!


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