Another bug after upgrade to 21.8.10524.3 - critical - Auto Logout does not work

Although the settings of both the desktop clients and the Web app are made for automatic decomposition according to this instruction:

there is a gradual occupation of all concurrent licenses, which leads to the inability of the next user to enter. In general, at the moment it is not very busy and there are really three and five users working competitively. There is also a difference in the information about currently logged in users and the currently used competing licenses.

Not to mention that in all the versions I've worked with after the upgrade, it is unknown why M-Files decided to reset the settings in the IIS and it is necessary after each update to run the Web chat from the above instructions.

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  • This is the response till now:

    A short status update: This issue is still under our investigation of our development support team. We also reported this problem as a new product issue ID 160480 to our product development.

    Note: When our product development has created a fix for some issue, the issue's ID is reported also on our release notes here:
    From the release notes you see when we have released a new version that includes a fix for the issue.

  • It's the same here. Obviously we will have to wait for a new release. I wonder how many installations are affected and whether the release of concurrent licenses only applies to users who use the Web or those who use the desktop client. At the moment I can't confirm that the desktop users are affected. Some had more impressions?

  • Hi Radu, the issue report is still open. Apologies of the inconvenience to server admins that are having issues because of this. 

    By the tests I had an information that restarting the mfserver.exe would solve the issue. 

    For Cloud Vault customers, they should contact support as they have no access to the server processes. 

    This is just a workaround for this issue. Nothing more. 

  • Hi Timo,

    I can confirm that restarting the M-Files Service Server frees the licenses and can be a solution to the problem for a short period of time - depending on the activity of the users.
    All the colleagues who decide to use this workaround should be aware that a large number of tickets from users can come their way. The reason is that restarting this service can lead to unexpected behavior on the clients side

  • Issue fixed in M-Files 2018 Update 2108 Service Release 1 (21.8.10524.5) and

    M-Files Online August ’21 Update Service Release 1 (21.8.10524.5)