File Sources not creating file and no error logged. How to troubleshoot?

We have a document creation platform that outputs to a shared location. M-Files previously has been able to pull in files and when it cannot, it generates an error in the Event Viewer. However in the last week, it seems to no longer pull in files from the File Source.

I can see when I watch the status of the import it gets to "Creating Documents" which is indicative that it recognizes it has files to import, and then ends. No files are created and the originals remain despite being set to delete upon creation (expected). We import a PDF paired with an XML file. I have cleaned out the folder and only put in a single PDF/XML pair to test, but it still fails to import with no error logged.

Also, there is no duplicate files in the vault as I have searched with an account with full vault access. 

Is there anywhere else I can go to turn on additional logging so I can troubleshoot this error?

  • Can't help you with logging, but I have seen similar behavior if documents move straight into a workflow in M-Files with automatic transition to states with actions or conditions that cannot be performed due to missing properties and such. Even when the error happens a couple of steps down the workflow it blocks the process all the way back to the import function because objects do not get checked in in workflow states where automatic transition happens immediately. If you have that type of workflow it helps to place a brief pause in the first transition after the import state. This way your documents get imported and remain in that first state if it cannot move on to one of the following states for some reason.

  • Hi, how do you get a brief pause? If you use a workflow transition then it's one day at the least

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  • It is possible to place a script in the transition trigger checking the Last Modified timestamp against current time. If the difference is more than X minutes, then allow state transition.

    In a default configuration the server will check every hour. You can reduce this to e.g. 30 minutes or even less, but it adds a lot of work on the server. Sometimes the server needs 30 minutes just to check all of the automatic transitions in a vault. If you set the interval too short, it will keep the server busy around the clock.