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Filter drop-downs based on class where it is used

Hi M-Files, 

I have potential use case where I have object type filled from the central database containing the set of values.

For specific classes however, I would need to show only a sub-set of those values.

Is there an option to filter it dynamically based where the built-in drop-down is used (e.g. based on the class)? Someone mentioned once Property Configurator, that it could use to filter dynamically drop-downs. I don't see it in M-Files catalog however.

Any ideas?



  • You might consider making the value list a sub list of Class. Class is basically  a built in value list, and it is possible to configure other value lists as sub lists to Class. This way you can then specify the relevant options for each class in the sub list.

  • Hi ,

    Hm, not quite sure that I understand. In my case, I have object type automatically filled in from our central DB. On some classes, I would however like to hide some of the values and on others I would show all values.

    I could create other object type and pre-filled it with less data or create hard-coded value list but then I would need to use separate metadata in those other classes. That would influence views, search, groupings etc. I would prefer to re-use same metadata but somehow dynamically filter the options based on selected class. I couldn't find a way to do it in metadata card rule.



  • Hi Dejan,

    I too am a bit confused about your use of the term "object type". In M-Files it has a special meaning. "Document" is an object type just like "Customer" or "Person" can be object types. You can have several classes within one object type, but you cannot  have several object types within one class. So, in that sense it is not possible to have a selection of object types within a class. Therefor I have interpreted you description as if "object type" really means "document type". Is that correct? If not, then please try to explain again...

  • Hi Karl, 

    Sorry for confusion.

    Basically, I have object type filled with data from database. I then use built-in property of its class in some document classes. Now I have potential use case where in some document classes I need to show only sub-set of values in that drop-down based where it is used. So I thought if I could filter it based where it is used (document class) that would work.

    I could perhaps make class underneath of the same object type but that would introduce the new property and this would not be useful actually.



  • Sorry, I am not able to help you with this one. Hope someone else will chip in their ideas.

    You mentioned "Property Configurator" at first, you probably thought of "Property Calculator". That is an unsupported but quite useful tool. You should contact your M-Files reseller and ask them to help you evaluate whether this tool may do the trick for you, and if so, get a copy of the tool for you. Beware that there is no official support for that tool!

  • Hi Karl, 

    Yes, it is the "Property Calculator". Thanks. I will check if we could use it there.



  • Hi  - can you explain further about this use case?

    I have created an Object called "Content Category" and the content of that object is a list (Photos, Videos, Logos, Other Digital Assets, Presentations, Documents).  What I'm trying to achieve is

    • Choose Class = Marketing Document then Content Category property is filtered to only show:
      • Documents
      • Presentations
    • Choose Class = Digital Assets then Content Category property is filtered to only show:
      • Photos
      • Videos
      • Logos
      • Other Digital Assets

    I have tried making "Content Category" a subtype of "Class". 

    Then I get stuck.  In the Desktop client, I go to the Objects for Content Category.  For example, I choose the Content Category of "Documents" and there is now an additional property on the metadata card called Owner (Class)*, however the only option I get when I drop down the list is the Class = Content Category, not "Marketing Documents".

    Am I missing something?  Appreciate any assitance you can offer.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Sarah,

    In Admin, Metadata Structure (Flat View) you can click on "Show All Value Lists" in the grey column. Then Classes will show up on the list. If you right-click on Classes and select Content, you will get an option to add new items in Content Categories for the selected class in the top half of the window  

  • Hi , thank you for getting back to me.  That is what I expected to happen, but unfortunately, the "New Item" button is greyed out for me.

    Not sure why mine isn't working the same as yours. I'm on server 22.10.11903.5.

    I'll check to see if support can assist.