Balancing Coaching, Training and Consulting during Training Events

Balancing Coaching, Training and Consulting during Training Events

The terms and methods of coaching, training and consulting are believed to be identical. This mindset can lead you to believe that you can solve problems in an identical way. However, the methods are very different and require different skill sets. Knowing when to use these methods can be a game changer for the people within your organization, and for achieving your organizational goals. Our M-Files Training Specialists have all three skillsets.

In short form:

  • A consultant gives answers about what to do for a particular need
  • A coach drives the mindset change from present state to future state
  • A trainer teaches new skills when someone does know how to do something

M-Files Training Specialists can read the room and understand what method to use to gain the biggest impact for a company goal. Understanding the learning styles and user role(s) of the participants tells us which method to utilize.

A consultant gives answers about what to do for a particular need. They assess risk, prescribe a solution, and tell you the best way to address the need. Consultants gain this knowledge through tenure, practice and past experiences.

A coach has a goal in mind, to change the mindset from a present state to a future state. A coach does this by encouraging and asking open ended questions to create a new thought process in the participant's mind. These thoughts help elevate self-confidence and help move forward an agenda, because the participants want to, not because they are told to. Creating an environment where participants want to do something is a key factor. Talk with them, not to them.

A trainer teaches a specific skill when someone does not know how to do something. Trainers have different facilitation styles and ensure the training environment facilitates learning objectives. Engaging events helps participants learn and most importantly retain new skills that they will apply in their daily doings.

M-Files Training Specialists will utilize all three methods to play the ideal role to inform, teach and help others help themselves to the information they need. With the M-Files Training Framework, we can develop training plans for every user role identified to ensure retention and expansion of new skills.