Check out the New User Course in Academy (Advanced User coming soon)

Check out the New User Course in Academy (Advanced User coming soon)

I invite you to check out the new and improved M-Files User course in Academy
The goal of the M-Files User course to introduce individuals to the basic concepts of M-Files.  It takes about an hour to complete, and the aim is to get learners started with basic features like saving, finding, sharing, and managing information.

One major difference between the old and new course is that this new course only focuses on the basics. We are now developing a separate Advanced and Super User course to introduce more advanced features. This will be released in the coming months.
Here's a snapshot of the course contents: 

In light of this announcement, here are some answers to your possible questions: 

Is the old course still available? 

Yes, it is. We've kept it available under the title "M-Files User (Old)" for those who are still working through the course. We've also kept it there in case anyone who previously took the course wishes to revisit it. 
However, we will eventually retire the old course sometime later this year. 
Does the new course offer certification? 

No. After receiving customer feedback, we decided that it was best to remove the testing and certification from this course.  

Do I have to take the new course if I have already taken the old course? 

No. If you've taken the old course, you are officially trained in M-Files Usage.  However, we invite you to take a look at the course content to see if there's anything that you'd like to either refresh on or dive into. 

I am now taking the old course. Can I stop and continue with the new course? 

Yes, you can. In those cases, it's best to reach out to the academy team at and we can see about getting your course progress transferred. 
 If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please reach out to the academy at We'd love to hear from you.