Generate 2 documents with one template

Hello there,

Is it possible to generate 2 documents when key in the metadata card in template ?

For instance, I create a document with Work Instruction template. After I filled in all the required information, then M-Files will generate 2 documents (Work Instruction & Work Orders).

Since work orders have few similar properties with Work Instruction, that is why I am thinking on generating 2 docs on the same time with same metadata card template.

This might not be the best practices and I am open to any suggestion or advice.

The goal is these 2 documents will have few similar properties and instead of creating it separately with different template, I am finding ways to generate these documents at the same time.

Or maybe there's a way we can create the second document but the metadata is retrieved from the first document ?

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  • Hi, 

    Just to make sure both of us talking the same thing.

    Is this what you meant by creating structure ? By adding relationship ?

    I've created an object work instruction and set the property is template = Yes.

    Then, I've created a relationship with the work instruction document template.

    Rules copy just copy the whole thing. Not sure where I can enter the metadata information meanwhile for create copy, I am still finding the object creator configuration that helps me auto populate the information to the document based on the object metadata.

  • Hi all,

    Really appreciate your feedback on this.

    I managed to copy the full structure (object and document under it) and the new copied document is now pointing to the new object.


    However, I still not manage to copy the metadata information to the document. Not sure whether I am missing something or M-Files only allow the metadata to be filled in the object but not the second level object (document)


    This is my structure:

    • Work Instruction Object
      • Work Instruction Document


    As you can see below, both the object and document template have same properties and since this is a template, both does not have any values at the moment.



    Work Instruction Object Template



    Work Instruction Document Template



    As usual, when I click on the object template, copy rule will be triggered so that I can show the button to copy the object.




    However, I still not able to retrieve the metadata information for this copied document. There is no issue with the object on the top level. The new document is also already pointing to the new object “work instruction 12345”. The only issue is I am not able to copy the metadata for the document.




    These are my updated configuration for copy rule.




    Rule 1: WITemplateCopy – This is to copy the object work instruction. This is also where I include the relatedobject rule and set the interactive to yes so that we can key in the metadata.






    Rule 2: CopyWI – This is to create a copy rule for the document under the object. However, the copy properties feature (as per highlighted below) seems not being able to copy the information I have entered in the medata when copying the object.









  • Try with create priority, below "interactive".. 0,1,...

  • Is it for WITemplateCopy or CopyWI rule ?

  • Both, give the first one the "0" and the second one the "1", if I understoff correct.. Sorry could only fly over it real quick..

  • It actually giving the same result as previously it was arrange 1,2. 
    So when I changed to 0,2, I am getting the same outcome.