Autogenerate Numbers for Documents

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Can I have documents that are auto numbered from a certain folder or class. For Eg. Class with Name "Star" has an auto number of "STAR-001", then Class with name "Moon" has an auto number of "Moon-001". Basically each class has a prefix and then the next number. is this possible?

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  • This is possible with the sequences functionality in the free Utilities module. The module is delivered in the Compliance Kit vault application, you can download the application and the free license from the Solution Catalog.
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    How can I reset or change the last value back to zero (0) by using utilities module? Is it possible to configure and reset the series of numbers every end of the year?
  • If you can have a value list property on the objects with the year in question (ie. 2020 - 2021 - 2022 and so on) and use that property as part of your sequence rule then the sequence would automatically start from the beginning when the first object uses a new year value. Depending on the use case this property could be set manually by the user or automatically by the system, for instance based on some other date property (e.g. Document date: 4.3.2021 -> automatically set Document year: 2021).

    If you need to reset a sequence manually you can either change the sequence identifier or as an advanced option modify the current sequence values in the Named Value Storage in namespace M-Files.ComplianceKit.UniqueSequences. (Access to NVS via Named Value Manager or Custom Vault Data.)
  • Dear Joonas

    I am struggling with this at the moment, the document is not a user guide, its just an overview. I am getting stuck in the section Sequence Value Property. I need to define a the property for storing the sequence value. They are asking for a calculated VBScript. All I want to do is any document that is stored in Class "Star", the document has a name of "Star-001-v1".

    I dont know any VBScript unfortunately. Any ideas with the script

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  • The actual configuration instructions can be found in the Compliance Kit manual. It is rather technical in nature but the sequences are pretty straightforward to configure.

    You don't need any scripting for this, you just need to have one property definition where you have selected "Calculated VBScript" on the automatic value tab (with no script added). After that the module can update the property.
  • Dear Joonas

    Thanks. I tried it out. The initial value works when I store "STAR" and then increments to "STAS" on the next document. However when I add the initial value as "STAR-0001" it throws an errors saying format not accepted. How can I combine the values.

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  • Did you enter a mask in the sequence configuration? I believe in your case it should be something like "STAR-0000" and the initial value should have just a numerical value (1). See page 130 in the configuration guide for the mask information.
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    For your reference, kindly check the attached image.

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Appreciate the time taken to help

    @all...thanks for the help. This community is very helpful :)
  • I'm researching document sequence numbers for our vault, so I read this thread with great interest. 

    I'm not sure if I have the module needed, or if I need to script something...

    I think I have a similar question to YST.

    I have a Class: Claim 

    Class Type: ClaimType

    Document Name: << Is there a way that when the document is saved, or is it when the Class Type is chosen the Name populates the next number in the sequence for this? 

    Is there any advise on how to set this up, and is a workflow state recommended? 

    I don't want to have a property or object to handle this, but I'm unclear if that's possible, seems unlikely - or is this something that a script can check?