New Desktop UI Release 2022

Please use this thread for any questions or feedback regarding the new Desktop UI Refresh. 

Access preview: 

  • Download this file: New User Interface Preview
  • Download this file for the Full Installation: New User Interface Preview - Full M-Files Installation
    • This .zip package contains:
      • Setup file for installing the client
      • Two scripts (NewDesktop.bat & DefaultDesktop.bat) - one for taking the new Desktop UI into use, and another one to take it off
      • Simple instructions for installing the client and for running the scripts
      • Some changes are not available in the preview, but will be available in the November release.

Other resources:

You can find all other resources from Community Page dedicated to the New Desktop UI.

  • History does not seem to work on the bottom panel. Only on the right panel as metadata card view

  • Hi! Toggling metadata card location to the bottom pane is something that will be missing as such from the new UI. This also applies to the history dialog, where it was previously possible to switch metadata card location to the bottom pane. In the new UI, the preview and metadata card can be toggled from the history dialog's side tab.

  • Hi Samuli,

    What do you mean exactly?

    We use the switch metadata card location frequently, because when properties are hidden, you cannot see them on the right panel (which is used by the customer), but still can see them on the bottom pane.
    This helps us to find out if something is not working as expected which relies on one of those hidden properties

  • Agree, this is a key function. Whether we show the metadata card in the bottom isn't relevant though. It could also be a function (only available for sys admin) that ignores any "hidden" rules on the metadata card. This would even be better than the current functionality because users can currently activate the bottom view and edit read-only fields...

  • Totally agree with that!

    But as a sys admin, you should be able to toggle it, so that you can also view how an end user views the metadata card.

  • You can also disable metadata card configurations with a client-side registry setting, this might help in troubleshooting scenarios. The setting is mentioned in section 6 of the metadata card configuration guide:

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