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Radio button and Checkbox for Metadata Cards

Dear Team

Is it possible to have a radio button or checkbox in the M-Files Metadata card. Also will it be possible to build column like in excel in the metadata card.

For Eg. I would like to have First Name __________   Last Name ________ 

instead of

First Name___________

Last Name___________

  • Radio buttons and checkboxes can be used for single-select and multi-select properties, respectively, with metadata card configuration.

    Metadata card configuration:


    Displaying properties side by side is not currently supported, they are always listed on top of each other.

  • Thank you. Will Test it out

  • Dear Joonas

    Many thanks, I am trying to do something like a table below in the metadata card; what will be the best possible way

    If I add a check box I am not getting the desired output (display below) I should get options as ok and not ok?

    Also which way would be best to create this table, should i make Test column as a value list or Server 1,2,3 as value list. What do you suggest. I dont want a long metadata card, as short as possible (if possible)

    Thanks for your usual support.

  • Is that a Boolean property? I think you need to use the radio button control to see two options on the metadata card. With checkbox control there's only one checkbox ("true" when checked and "false" when unchecked).

    Column layouts are not possible unfortunately.

  • Yes I have made it a boolean vaule. Basically how can I multi select in radio buttons. It will choose only one value. I want to select two values which are ok and not ok (in checkbox format)

    I am not looking for a column layout, I am looking for the best possible way to display that column. Any suggestions, I am worried if I add each line the metadata card would be too long. Appreciate your usual support and prompt response. Thank you

  • So the users should be able to select both "Ok" and "Not ok" at the same time? This doesn't sound very logical to me, but if that's what you want to achieve then I think you need to create a value list with values "Ok" and "Not ok" and use that value list in a multi-select property. So it cannot be a Boolean property, which is always either true or false (cannot be both at the same time).

  • No I think I explained it wrong. If you look at the table, there are three tests for servers 1, 2 and 3. So test 1 is ok for Server 1 but test 2 and 3 are not ok for Server 1. 

  • I see, then I think you'll need a separate property for each of these combinations. So something like:

    Server 1 Test 1
    Server 1 Test 2
    Server 1 Test 3

    Server 2 Test 1
    Server 2 Test 2
    Server 2 Test 3

    Perhaps someone else can suggest a better way.

  • Yes this is what I though as well, but then the metadata card would be too long, but if that is the only way then I guess I will do that, because I have 3 tests on 5 servers, so thats a total of 15 lines.

    So how do I get the option as Ok or Not ok?

    Create a value list, because Boolean will say yes or no. I need the text either ok or not ok 

    Thank for taking the time to reply, you have always helped me :)

  • In addition to Joonas, they can be grouped together so that the metadata card doesn't get too long