Objects deleted using REST API not visible via Deleter = Yes filter

Hello devs and M-Files users,

I have made an app, which deletes (not destroys) objects based on some criteria.

The problem now is, that it is not possible to find the deleted objects using a filter with Deleted = Yes criterion.

I can however see deleted objects from the past. Just the recent ones are not visible.
I am using an admin M-FIles account to view the objects in M-Files Client.

Do you know where could be the problem?

Is it possible to recover them somehow?

Thank you for your time and effort!
Marián Baňas

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  • Agreed, but it is not something we can change. We have to understand how it works and then make the best of it.

    If the system should perform a sorting operation on all items in a result list before presenting anything to the user then that would add a lot of delay in large vaults where the list may include hundred thousands of items. In a small vault you probably would not notice the difference, but M-Files is built to also being capable and functional in large vaults.

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