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Can you please explain to me how to configure filtering of properties?

I have Object Type Customer, with a Sales Persons (multi-select) property.

When I create an object of type Documents, after I select de Customer, I want the Sales Person to list only those Sales Persons which are in the Customer Object.

I do not want to add on each Sales Person, a metadata to all the clients, because they have hundreds, maybe thousands of client.

Is there a way to filter them?



  • Hello,

    You can create a parent/child object and the property on metadata will filter by default, depending on what "Parent" property you chose.

    For example:

    make "Customer" parent of "Sales Person" property. In the value list of Customer, you can than add "sales persons" for each Customer. And when you select Customer 1 it will only show Sales Persons that are related to Customer 1.

    Hope this is at least a little bit understandable and helpfull. If you need anything just ask.

    Cheers Dejan

  • Hello Dejan,

    The Sales Person is getting information from Employee Objects.

    I do not want to create multiple sub-objects with the same Sales Person, just to make a parent-child relation.

    The only solution I found, is that if on Employee metadata card, I add the clients to which the Sales Person should have access, the filtering works.

  • Yeah, I agree, that is true. That is an okay solution, to add clients to the employee metadata card. but I think it might be too heavy on maintenance in long term. 

  • Well I think this can be easily configured with Managed Properties, but I don't know how it will it affect the solution performance wise.

    I was hoping I can use the "Relationships from this objects" as filter.

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