List of Users Who've Never Logged In?

[Background:  I'm the System Admin for M-Files QMS and all my users are using Web Client only, while I use Desktop Client and Admin Tool.]

I know I can use Admin Tool to get a list of users who are currently logged in.  My CEO would like to know how many folks are NOT using the system so we can judge system acceptance.  Is there any way to generate a report that lists every registered user who has NOT logged onto the system?

  • Not directly, there are a couple of ways I can think of but they require a bit of work.

    Logins are recorded to the vault event log, so one way would be to get the login events in the log, a list of the vault users and then compare these to find out users who have never logged in. You can use the Log Exporter module to export the event log to disk and then use these log files to create your report in some reporting tool.

    Another option, if the system has not yet gone live, might be to create an event handler that would record the logins somewhere, for instance in a hidden property on the Person object in the QMS vault if each user has such an object. The event handler would just increment a counter for each login and then you could search for these Person objects where the value is 0 to find out the users who have not ever logged in. This approach would require a bit of scripting/coding skills to implement the event handler and not sure if this is useful if your system is already live as past logins would be ignored.
  • First, thanks for your response, Joonas. Much appreciated.

    While I was waiting for your answer, I did poke around inside the Admin Tool and did, indeed, find that Event Log. And it's quite large, with over 387,000 entries. So I sorted the list by User and realized this may be what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I cannot see a way to export only a selectable portion of the list. Without that functionality, the exported files propagate to many, many XML files which are so large that they crash my text editor software.

    In response to your second suggestion, my system has already gone live at the beginning of September.
  • We had to use reporting to do this.

    Very interesting to gauge user acceptance.

    It's important to have managers and director lead in using M-Files. Such a report is very interesting and useful.

    My M-Files client rep also recommended doing a user survey so people can anonymously tell us their thoughts on the product.

  • We had to use reporting to do this.

    Thanks for the response, ssential. Gauging user acceptance is indeed the reason I wanted this ? I need to set up some metrics on how well the system is being used so I can report that to my CEO. I was under the impression that the M-Files QMS system we bought included reporting and am only now learning that it was optional. Such a valuable functionality being optional is inexplicable to me.
  • Hello,
    I'm also looking for similar info on my vaults but the event log is definitely too big for being processed in Excel or BI tool. It generates many XML and I'm unable to just filter the login events before export.

    Plus, the admin tool has already started to delete old event logs as there are too many of them.

    How can I follow up with who connects and when?