unable to delete property from property from property definitions due to "catastrophic failure"


I had a property "x" which was a list of object type "OT-X". I created a new property "x" which is not a list of object type "OT-Y".

I did the following :

  • I removed old "x" and added new "x" in all the classes where it was used. 
  • Delete property "x" (with list of object type "OT-X") from property definitions. I see the following popup.

  • when I click on "yes". I get the following error. 

and after that, I get this error : 

My question here is, what is the meaning of this catastrophic failure ?

Why am I not able to delete the property even though its not referenced anywhere?

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  • I believe that the "Catastrophic failure" relates to something happening within M-Files Admin.  Possibly some unexpected data when trying to retrieve the property definitions for display, I don't know.  The two issues may well be related.  They both refer to property definitions.

    But, again, if you ever see this sort of behaviour then it is exceptionally unlikely that you should or could resolve it without support from M-Files.  Users of this forum, even M-Files support personnel, are unlikely to be able to help in a medium like this.