unable to delete property from property from property definitions due to "catastrophic failure"


I had a property "x" which was a list of object type "OT-X". I created a new property "x" which is not a list of object type "OT-Y".

I did the following :

  • I removed old "x" and added new "x" in all the classes where it was used. 
  • Delete property "x" (with list of object type "OT-X") from property definitions. I see the following popup.

  • when I click on "yes". I get the following error. 

and after that, I get this error : 

My question here is, what is the meaning of this catastrophic failure ?

Why am I not able to delete the property even though its not referenced anywhere?

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  • Hi Shoeb, 

    You should have a look if you use your metadata in some of NACLs. M-Files does not provide suggestions where it is used in NACLs (really needed feature). In window above it recommends 3 positions, I would tip on NACLs.

    It would be really useful if we include NACLs in that usage window of metadata. Currently M-Files always shows only classes. Happened far to often that we forget used metadata in NACLs.