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Workflow Assignments without email notifications


I have a process that sends an assignment to an user every time a condition is reached.

What is happening is that some users have been overwhelmed with emails and asking if it's possible to assign them without sending the emails.

Assignments are always sending emails right?

Any ideas?

Many Thanks,


  • Hello,

    You can disable built-in notifications rules in M-Files Admin:

    So if you disable the "Assigned To" built-in notification, the notifications will not be sent. 

    This will affect all assignments in the vault, so be aware what this does.

    You can set up other assignment notifications manually in workflows if you need some notifications for some assignments.

  • Hi Radu,

    Thanks for your reply.

    That's my problem actually... I only need to disable it in 1 workflow.



  • You cannot disable built-in notification for only one workflow, from what I know.

    The option I can see here is to disable vault built-in notifications and create custom notifications based on "Assignment Classes" with Advanced Notifications (if you create separate assignements that are not part of an assignment workflow) or classic notifications using workflows (but you have to create an extra workflow for assignments), but this would be a very long and complicated task depending on the complexity of the vault.

    Also for that specific  workflow where you don't want notifications, you have to create a new assignment class and not include them in any notification filters.

    Maybe someone else sees this differently.

  • Hi Radu,

    Yes that's an option yes. I might re-think about the process and see if I can sort it another way before i go through this route.

    Thank you so much for your inputs.



  • This is also a problem what we have from the beginning:

    If you assign people who are power users then they don't need notifiation - but they also don't need thousand of assignments. Therefore I use a separate field e.g. called "Reviewer(s)" for "assigning" people - but just deleting any existing assignment. Separate field is also good because I can use multiselect of employees instead of users like in "Assigned To" and can use additional information of the employee object.

  • Edit: The power users will have views to see all open tasks arranged by their needs.