How To Create Views

In M-Files, documents and other objects can be categorized into different views according to their metadata. Creating views is largely based on specifying the metadata used for searching and categorizing documents. Views allow you to save frequently used searches and define grouping levels. To create a view:

1. In M-Files, open the document vault to which you want to create the view.
2. Click the Create button and select View... from the context menu.

The Define View dialog is opened.

There are two phases in determining a view:

1. Specify a filter to ensure that the view only displays objects you want to see. Specifying filters is similar to defining search criteria.
2. Determine the folder structure of the objects. This is useful when you have a large number of objects and you want to group them into different levels according to specific properties.

Does your M-Files look different? - This video features the latest M-Files user interface (released in November 2022). Please note that the lessons in this video still apply. To access tutorial videos featuring the previous user interface, please click here here.

To upgrade to the new user interface, please consult your organization's M-Files Business admin to see about updating your M-Files application.